Maintenance, support and optimisation

The launch of your website is just the beginning. It marks the start of advancement by building on insights gained from everyday use. As a trusted partner you have our undivided attention, let’s finish what we started!

Advance together

The launch of your website is the day where things finally become real and you start to rely on it as a business asset. You might mark this day as the finish line of the project, but in truth it is the start of a new growth phase.

Having collaborated closely to build your website, launching it provides a unique opportunity for us to start working with you to maximize the returns of your investment. As the agency you trusted to work with you to design and build your site, we already have an understanding of the goals you have for the project and are best positioned to ensure you reach those goals.

The website we launch together provides a platform for further advancement. Using your site in the real world will lead to new insights and wishes for the website. Ideas that were parked initially you may now want to integrate into the website. Changed ambitions may lead to the desire to expand the website. As your trusted partner we seek to start cementing a much deeper relationship than to just keep your site running. Ultimately, we want to be the long term solutions architect enabling you to keep delivering digital experiences at the level that fits your ambition.

In addition to advancing the website to new levels, there are several more practical services involved in the retention phase:

  • Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Support

To provide structure in delivering these services we enter a service agreement for the retention phase. This agreement specifies the retention services we agree upon and forms the basis of our ongoing relationship.

It is only through constant iteration and refinement that our intranet solution serves our current needs with such great precision. As digital partners, The Savvy Few have played an instrumental role in this process.
Stromma Netherlands

Flexible foundation

Every digital project needs hosting in some form. Hosting has become a highly specialized field of expertise and often holds a tight relation to the CMS or custom solution that was architected. We therefore rely on highly qualified trusted partners who work intimately with us to provide quality hosting that meets your project’s needs.

We know what to look for from our experience when it comes to hosting and we are keen to abstract the details away from you in order to focus on what is important. This means you won’t have to go through the hassle of understanding all the details, but we will provide you with adequate reporting so you have insight in how things perform.

Sever for webhosting with cables inserted into it
Online strategy expert with a dashboard showing key figures

Act in advance

We proactively monitor potential threats to your website and update the code when necessary. This allows your site to run with code that is in line with the latest security best practices and is tightly integrated with the release of critical security updates for modules used in a CMS like Drupal. Installing updates, patches and bugfixes for modules may not directly relate to security but ensure that the digital experience they support remains at the level that is desirable.

In case of external systems that are integrated with your site, changes to the external systems could require updates as well. Like with modules in a CMS this can relate to security or to the proper functioning of the connection to the external system. Integrations with external systems are specified in the service agreement and maintained accordingly.

Maintaining your site properly ensures it is secure and stable by operating with the most adequate versions of the software available. 

Drupal module statusscreen indicating that no updates are needed
Three hands with one pointing to laptop screen indicating help

Help where needed

We provide support in all areas that are needed to function as a long term solutions architect in our ongoing relationship with a client.

Most prominently this means troubleshooting. Sometimes you find things on your newly launched website that you want to change. Perhaps your users simply aren’t using a page as anticipated or a plugin doesn’t maximise the user experience as you hoped it would. It’s best to address this right away with a quick and timely troubleshooting session.

Support can also mean monitoring and interpreting analytics data, ongoing content creation or continuous SEO optimisation. As a more general form of support we schedule quarterly meetings to discuss relevant benchmarks or trends to make recommendations for improvements. When the situation calls for it, we can isolate a specific topic to provide Digital Consulting and assist in gaining clarity on how to move forward.


As your trusted advisors we want to be your one stop shop for all digital questions, especially after launch. We offer a wide variety of post-launch services, including:

  • Security updates
  • Performance monitoring
  • Alert notification systems
  • Theme extensions
  • Layout & template development
  • Email design & development
  • Custom integrations
  • Ideation sessions
  • Success measurement
  • Aesthetic revisions
  • Brand collateral
  • Production asset creation
  • Tailored training sessions
  • Documentation support

Want to know more? To find our more about what we can do for you, get in touch to discuss your project.