About us

The Savvy Few are a creative development studio based in Amsterdam. We enjoy planning, designing and developing cutting edge online solutions for a diverse clientele. Although we consider ourselves pragmatists who believe that every challenge deserves its own unique solution, we prefer Drupal as our development framework of choice.

Established in 2011, we set about planning, designing and developing beautiful and effective online experiences for a diverse range of clients. Spearheaded by Thijs Boots and Marco Bouwer - two long-time collaborators with over 15 years of experience - we operate as a tight-knit team of online professionals, backed by a vast network of independent experts in various fields.

We pride ourselves in bringing more to the table than your usual development outfit. Instead of creating what you come up with, we go out of our way to fully understand your field of business and what makes your organisation tick. This enables us to think beyond the scope of the project and provide solutions that will benefit your organisation as it grows and adapts to new opportunities.

The Studio

Founding partners

Marco Bouwer

Creative Technologist / Back-end developer LinkedIn

Thijs Boots

Designer / Front-end developer LinkedIn
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