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Upgrade your CMS with a migration to Drupal 9

By November 2022, the official support for Drupal 7 will end. Time to think about a migration to Drupal 9. Our Drupal experts help companies with the migration and upgrade of their Drupal 7 website to the latest and greatest version of Drupal.
Drupal 9

Alongside the recent launch of Drupal 9, the end date was set for the official support for Drupal 7. After november 2022, Drupal 7 will no longer receive any official updates. A migration to a newer version thus seems inevitable, but it brings great opportunities. Drupal 9 features significant improvements in performance, security and flexibility. In addition, a migration enables you to make some serious improvements to your website.

As expert Drupal developers, we ensure even the most complex migrations to run smoothly. What’s more, we can identify areas for improvement and collaborate with you to lift your Drupal website to a higher level.


Drupal is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands and well-known governments.

World class

Drupal 9’s unparalleled versatility makes it the number one open source CMS for enterprise level websites worldwide. No wonder that NASA, Tesla and the Australian Government rely on the power of Drupal.


Drupal's security is second to none. Both Fortune 500 companies and major governments rely on Drupal to securely manage content and data that is simply too valuable to be handled by subpar platforms.


Inline editing, a brand new layout builder and a completely revised content management experience. Drupal's API-first approach means you can serve content to any screen or device imaginable.


Drupal's scalability ensures smooth operation regardless of the circumstances. It doesn't matter whether you are serving a small local audience or millions of visitors every day: Drupal is built to scale.


What is a Drupal migration?

A Drupal migration implies that we move all content, functionality and design to a new Drupal installation. Since Drupal is known for its elaborate content structure, we are usually able to automate the migration of content. But as the architecture of Drupal 8 has been radically overhauled, the transfer of functionality and design is often work for Drupal experts.

For all functionality contained in standard modules, the migration can be carried out quite easily. The most commonly used Drupal 7 modules now have a Drupal 8 version or an alternative that is comparable. For custom code or more exotic modules, the amount of work depends on the complexity of the site.

The Drupal front end has been overhauled completely. As a result, your average Drupal 9 website will be much faster and makes it easier to translate a custom visual design into a frontend user interface. For the most part however, any existing Drupal 7 design will have to be rebuilt, thereby creating an excellent opportunity to improve the user experience!

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Sever for webhosting with cables inserted into it

Smooth Drupal migrations

Each migration project starts with a conversation. It is essential for us to understand what role the website plays in your organisation. We map out your audiences and which parts are crucial, for both visitors and administrators. We are always curious about possible improvements: What problem are users facing? What can be improved?

A technical assessment is a logical next step. This is where we look at the technology of the current Drupal website, its structure and operation. How is your Drupal website integrated with external systems? The outcome allows us to estimate the complexity of the migration.

Based on all the information we collect, we create an estimate of the work required for a smooth migration to Drupal 9. We describe the different steps and phases of the project, so that you as a client have a clear plan for what is carried out when.

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