De Thomashuizen


More than 115 entrepreneurial couples are leading by example to change the healthcare industry for the better. We've created a single online platform that tells their stories and celebrates the extraordinary work they do.


A Thomashuis is a small-scale living facility for people with mental disabilities. Each home is run by an entrepreneur couple who live on premises together with the residents to enable everyone to live their lives in the most normal way possible. There are now more than 100 homes in The Netherlands.

Although the people running the Thomashuizen don't consider their work remarkable, to us they are visionaries and trailblazers who lead the way for the entire healthcare industry. Our contribution to their revolution is an online platform that celebrates and empowers the caregivers by simply telling their stories.

Drupal platform website designed and developed for Thomashuizen

Built for humans

With over 100 homes, there is always one near. We've made sure it only takes three clicks to find the nearest one. And because every Thomashuis is unique, we created a platform that lets everyone build their own page.


Often used as a buzzword by ad agencies for major corporations in search of authenticity, we took storytelling literally by featuring the caregivers, their guests and the impact they're making together.


Although every Thomashuis is run according to the highest quality standards, every single one is unique. That's why we developed a multi-tennant Drupal platform that let's every Thomashuis craft their own landing page.


What good is a good impression without action? The entire online presence is cleverly aimed at converting pageviews to meet-and-greets. Because we think a Thomashuis doesn't need any selling - a visit is all it takes.

Screenshot of Drupal website project for De Thomashuizen
Screenshot of Drupal website project for De Thomashuizen

Always near

The entire online presence is aimed to let visitors find the nearest Thomashuis. And with over 115 homes, there are always several near. We’ve integrated Google Maps to plot all homes on a map, making the search as fast and easy as possible.

Screenshot of Google Maps integration for Drupal platform

Ahead of the curve

We set out creating this new online platform with ambitious goals. They emerged quickly during the discovery phase when we insisted on not only hearing central management's requirements, but also interviewing the people running the Thomashuizen about what they expected as an end result. Combining our expertise in strategy, design and Drupal development enabled us to set the bar high for this project.

Flexible yet structured

We wanted to offer every entrepreneur couple the freedom to represent their home in a way they saw fit. Some enjoy posting articles, clips and photo galleries on a daily basis, while others were satisfied covering only the crucial basics for their Thomashuis. We designed a flexible layout that looks great in either scenario.

Scalable performance

What's more, we had to take into account a growing number of Thomashuizen posting an ever increasing amount of content. On a visitor level, our strategy included plans to attract more traffic to the site. These factors combined meant we had to be on top of our game to deliver and maintain a fast and stable site. Thanks to our outstanding hosting partners and the power of Drupal, we've been able to handle content and traffic volumes that went beyond all our projected estimates and the site has been running effortlessly to this day.