De Drie Notenboomen


For De Drie Notenboomen, we created an online platform that informs, empowers and connects over 300 professionals who are disrupting the healthcare industry. A modern social intranet that connects individuals.


Working in close collaboration with management and prospective users, we designed and developed a new responsive social intranet platform based on Drupal. The platform provides all staff, management and healthcare professionals an online communications platform that keeps everyone up to date with relevant news and regulatory info about healthcare.

The site features manuals, standard contract templates and other crucial documents that enable entrepreneurs to run their franchise successfully. The site has already proven a huge leap forward in efficiency, by providing all stakeholders with relevant and always up-to-date information about legislation and compliance in the care industry.

Drupal intranet platform and online knowledge base connecting care entrepreneurs and stakeholders

People. Not users.

Our goal was to create a tool that saves valuable time for healthcare professionals, so that they could spend more time where it counts. To achieve this, we went out of our way to craft a user experience that is intuitive and easy to use.

User experience

We made sure the end users were involved in every step of the creation process, as we paid close attention to their needs and how they use online tools.


Relevant content from more than 150 locations can be promoted to the central news hub by the site's editors with the click of a button.

Single sign-on

We've implemented a single sign-on solution in Drupal that enables all users to login to the platform with their Microsoft Office 365 account.

Impression of the Drupal platform homepage for De Drie Notenboomen
Screenshot of example article on De Drie Notenboomen Drupal platform

Content that matters

As an intranet platform, the site provides plenty of room for content covering the professionals and their guests at the more than 150 homes. Because in the end, that's what it's really all about.

View of the photo gallery page on Drupal platform for De Drie Notenboomen

Connecting individuals

The launch of this online platform enabled the people involved in this wonderful endeavor to truly connect as an organisation. For the teams of specialists supporting the entrepreneurs from head office, our site has proven an invaluable tool to communicate effectively with all 150 locations. Similarly, the people in charge of the facilities have become much more informed about what is happening both at the central office and at the other homes, leading to a much stronger bond among the people involved.

Our solution has contributed to the digital transformation of this organisation that has made them one of the lead innovators in the healthcare industry. But perhaps more importantly, the success of our platform  has shown that an effective tool is as much about connecting individuals as it is about raising efficiency.