Canal Company

Always onboard

When you welcome 1.5 million guests a year with a 90% mobile workforce, communication becomes mission-critical. We created an intranet platform that is easy to use while keeping everyone informed.


With history ranging back to the 1920s, Canal Company grew from the oldest and largest shipping company in Amsterdam into an international tourist business. Each year, they welcome 1.5 million guests on their impressive fleet of 32 canal cruise boats, 15 open boats, a saloon steamer, 100 pedal boats and six buses in and around Amsterdam and Utrecht.

To an organisation with a workforce this size, handling such an enormous number of guests, information is mission-critical to keep things running smoothly. Add to this the fact that 90% of the workforce is on route or moving between several locations and one can see the challenge that arises. We came up with a clever platform that provides team members with the information that is crucial to their role.

Homepage of the Drupal intranet platform created for Canal Company

Fun and function

We created a platform that everyone wanted to use, not just the tech savvy. Combining Canal's colorful style with an intuitive interface, we crafted an inclusive user experience for both management and staff.

User experience

In order to persuade even the harshest of critics, we aimed for an inclusive user experience. We succeeded in creating a platform that is as enjoyable as it is useful. Both for end users and editors, no matter the level of computer literacy.


When evaluating the options, the power and flexibility of Drupal quickly became our top candidate. There is simply no other open source platform that can match its combination of security and performance with a seamless editor workflow.

API integrations

By cleverly integrating Mailchimp and Mandrill, we've managed to apply the power of email for optimized connectivity. In collaboration with local news station AT5, we built a custom integration hat taps into their news feed. 

Screenshot of Drupal intranet homepage for Canal Company
News article on Canal Company's Drupal intranet platform


By improving corporate communication, our intranet platform increased staff engagement, turning staff into proud ambassadors for the company.

Visual staff directory on Canal Company's Drupal intranet platform

Always connected

Thanks to a drastically improved user experience, our platform saw a dramatic increase in adoption rates. This immediately led to a better informed workforce and better teamwork. Changes in company policy were implemented more smoothly and exposure to campaigns increased as everyone involved in the company knew about new developments.

Staff engagement

During the discovery phase, we were confronted with a select number of staff who were opposed to what they felt was a digitalisation of their everyday work. We immediately made them one of the key focus groups as we aimed for an inclusive user experience that would satisfy even the harshest of critics in the organisation.

The launch of the new intranet site led to an immediate increase in the approval rate of central management. By enabling the head office team to communicate more elaborately about the developments in the organisation, Canal's intranet platform helped improve the relationship between employees and management.

The overall result is a happier, more engaged team that is constantly in-the-know and proud of the organisation they represent.