Clarity for an intuitive user experience

First and foremost, digital design should be functional. We apply design as a tool to solve problems that stand in the way of delivering exceptional digital experiences.
our approach

Design is all about balance. Specifically, it is about solving problems while balancing the desires of your audience, the needs of your business, and the technical possibilities within the constraints of your project.

Using design to solve problems helps us to deliver the digital experience you aim for. We do all of our design with this practical approach in mind, from initial research to ultimate refinements.

Design to solve also means working in close collaboration with development and branding strategy. Working this closely together calls for an iterative process where we keep you involved from the beginning. We make sure you have plenty of opportunities to give us feedback before we get to the end result.

We knew what we didn't want, but we needed guidance and support to work out what we did want. I liked that The Savvy Few got into our mindset and tried to live and breathe what we were looking for.
De Drie Notenboomen

Taking charge

Branding, information architecture, interface design, there are many disciplines that come together in the design process. If there is one good reason to hire an agency, it would be to keep you in control of the process. That is exactly what we do, we take charge of the design process and organize collaboration where needed.

As an agency we are in a unique position to guide the design process. Someone needs to keep oversight. Because we make it a priority to deeply understand your business and thoroughly know the different disciplines involved in the design process, we feel it’s only natural for us to take ownership. We initiate design from this perspective and actively share our helicopter-view with you to keep the otherwise hard to manage design process on track.

Design team working on website design with laptops
Handwritten wireframes in a notebook

Keep a firm grip

From experience we know what it takes to make the design process work for you. Documents like a design brief, wireframes, design concepts, key page designs and a design system function as tools to streamline collaboration between everyone involved without losing grip of the process.

The end result of the design process is a full visual design that is ready for sign-off. Signing off on the visual design is a major milestone and allows focus to shift towards technical development.

Design system featuring color scheme, fonts and components
Team designing website together working on laptops


By guiding the design process we work towards a design language that is specific to your project. This design language allows us to create a set of reusable design components that are applied consistently throughout your online presence.

The consistent application of design components helps to create a clearly recognizable online presence. This is essential when it comes to defining brand identity and allows you to establish high quality interaction with visitors online. Consistency matters and we make sure to look after it for you.


We firmly believe that every successful project requires a carefully applied mix of tools and talent. These are some of our specialties:

  • Branding
  • Design systems
  • Functional design
  • Information Architecture
  • User Interface design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile Integration
  • Content Creation
  • Multi-language
  • Wireframing
  • Style Tiles
  • Atomic Design
  • Design in the Browser

To find our more about what we can do for you, get in touch to discuss your project.